Sunday, September 28, 2014

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Idle Red Hands

I'm not sure I've had a more satisfying interview than the podcast episode that Jeff Richard and I recorded with the Idle Red Hands crew last week! Jeff and I wove between Glorantha, 13th Age, and 13th Age in Glorantha. We covered the basics and then we dipped into a few surprises, including Jeff's account of the books we'd like to publish for 13th Age in Glorantha after the Kickstarter and my discussion of how it's going to be possible for some players to play a super-powerful Mistress Race Gloranthan troll! (Hint: It involves eating your lower-level character.)
Meanwhile in the written digital word, Jeff and Jonathan and I answered some questions for Obskures. Jeff and Jonathan explained why Glorantha is good for thinking and good for gaming, while I talked a bit about the standard campaign dynamic of 13th Age in Glorantha

If you missed it, there was also a fun Iconic podcast with me and ASH LAW about 13th Age in Glorantha just before the Kickstarter began. This was the moment that it became clear to me that ducks were going to force their way into the book. I'd been slightly resistant, but slight resistance wasn't going to suffice, and the ducks have already joined us in style via a stretch goal named Feathered Fury

Speaking of stretch goals, we added three new goals over the weekend, floating the potential for a Chaos cult, an adventure, and long overdue playable mechanics for the bizarre secret societies that eventually came together to form a magician's army called the Sartar Magical Union. In our game, they will be a source of new talents, powers, and spells for most of the 13th Age player character classes. 

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