Tuesday, February 27, 2024

13th Age 2E Beta Playtest Packet is coming in a few weeks

I’m thrilled to say that we are now weeks away from sending out the 13th Age 2E Beta Playtest packet! Highlights of this second draft include:

• A thorough revision of the Monsters chapter to better support monster roles and to make every monster juicy.

• A bard class that’s magical, musical, and surprising.

• Far more attention on the icon connection rules, with many examples so GMs and players can see how we use them in play.

• A magic item update so that all items are worthwhile regardless of the hero’s level, including adventurer-tier items in the hands of epic-tier characters.

• Significant changes to every class based on Alpha feedback.

Our ambitions for this second edition grew in the last couple years. Even so, we’ve kept 2E fully compatible with 13th Age books published for the first edition. You wanna run Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan’s Eyes of the Stone Thief using 2E? With some party-size tweaks to the numbers of monsters you’re facing, that won’t be a problem. (In fact, you may be more likely to survive!)

Playtesters, you won’t have to check your inboxes for a few weeks yet. I’ll speak up here when the Beta playtest packet goes out so that the mass mailing has less of a chance in getting lost in spam folders.