Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Alphabet Prime Music: A Familiar Thermal

A second batch of songs from my playlist of 224 nothing-but-favorites, this time with a Sesame Street style insistence upon the letter A. As usual, it was the music that got me, the videos are a delivery system.

The Social Network (soundtrack) - Wikipedia
A Familiar Taste
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross; The Social Network
My favorite song from an excellent dark soundtrack.

Recovering the Satellites - Wikipedia
A Long December
Counting Crows; Recovering the Satellites
I had a friend named Rob tell me he hated this album because it was too whiny, despite the fact that he'd loved Counting Crows' first album. Therefore I listened to the album that Rob liked and found that it was insufferably whiny. We detected a pattern.

The Thermals – A Pillar of Salt Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
A Pillar of Salt
The Thermals; The Body, the Blood, the Machine
Logan Bonner introduced me to this band. We saw them in concert at least once, but the venue was so bad I'm not sure it counts. This is probably still my favorite of their albums, though More Parts Per Million is close.

A Sort of Homecoming
U2, Wide Awake in America (Live)
More than once, friends who were contentedly playing games or hanging out at my house while this playlist was rolling freaked out when U2 surfaced. I understand their hatred, but can't share it. Maybe they hate it because the song is good to sing in the shower. Or because they heard me singing it in the shower.

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