Monday, January 27, 2014

treizième époque

7eme Cercle are just now finishing the layout of the French translation of 13th Age!

They've stuck with most elements of the English design while adding new touches like wax-style seals around the page numbers.

When I first heard of the French translation, people were saying that it would be called treizième époque. I do think that's a bad-ass name for the game. I'm planning to use it as my term for sessions that threaten extravagant consequences. "Look out. Tonight it's not just 13th Age. Tonight I'm running treizième époque." 

But of course 7eme Cercle has stuck with 13th Age as the name of the game. Or at least they're getting as close as they can, because the 'th' part of the word '13th' doesn't translate into French. 7eme Cercle has revised the logo into a just-slightly-different form to make sense in French. Voila!

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