Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shadowrun Crossfire Table View

Until now, all the card views from the upcoming cooperative deckbuilding game designed by Fire Opal Media and published by Catalyst Games have been of in-progress cards. Last week's update from Randall Bills on Catalyst's Shadowrun website included this near-final image of the example of play from the rulebook which shows off true card layout and art. As far as I know, the only thing that's going to change from the view above are the tokens, which got a small update.

This has been a great project. Our entire design/development/editing team loved getting to play in the Shadowrun universe, one of those wish-list projects that came true. Crossfire's gameplay converts the deckbuilding style of Donald X's original Dominion into a fully cooperative fighting game of shadowrunning survival. The blend of gameplay and theme is going to be popular with most of the groups I get to play with. Add in the rpg-style character improvement options available when you earn karma after successful runs (or a tiny bit of karma after a disastrous run) and I know both my casual gaming circle and my serious-core gamer groups will dig it. Designing games your friends will love playing with you? It's one of the best things.

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