Saturday, August 11, 2012

Krab Jab RPG art show

This post won't do quite as much good if you're not living in Seattle. But you could also see the show if you come to PAX and its big gather-all-artists evening is just before PAX. The opening gathering is tonight at the Georgetown studio Chris Pramas shares with Julie Baroh and Mark Tedin and others. 

Aaron McConnell and Lee Moyer got four (maybe five) pieces from 13th Age into the show and are also going to be selling prints. I believe they are pieces no one has seen yet, striking work at a great size. 

The line-up of artists showing work is amazing. I'm excited for this show, especially since I rarely get to spend enough time in the art hall at GenCon. And yesterday I got to contribute a small wall-blurb on fantasy art from a game designer's perspective. Make time to visit. 

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