Thursday, December 22, 2011

I’m starting over as a blogger here on Blogspot. Livejournal has issues. Blogspot offers synergies. 

The end of the year has been all about finishing projects. I turned over a new card game to the publisher today, finished work on an electronic game design team a couple weeks ago and finished the playtest version of a new tabletop game in-between.

But enough about things that aren’t properly announced yet. My friend Lee Moyer has also managed to finish a long-term project recently and his project is already published. Given that his is a wonderful 2012 literary pin-up calendar, it’s just about the last moment for me to give it a plug. I bought more copies than can be counted on one hand to give as gifts. You should try one, especially since the purchase supports the Heifer International charity and I’ve heard the hopes for the future of the project. 


  1. Welcome to Blogger Rob... BTW you may not remember me... My Wife and I used to Be part of the Pokemon Professor Program, and We did a lot with the D&D Mini's You even signed my D&D Mini Handbook :P

    Anyways just want to say Hi and CAn't wait for more from you :)

  2. I recognize your icon. I'm pretty sure I'd recognize you. Sounds like we'll meet at a convention again.