Wednesday, August 22, 2018

13th Age Mini-Adventures

Here’s the plan: we’re going to create a series of three 13th Age books that contain fully playable short adventures for all 13 of the icons, one adventure per icon at each of the three tiers.  

Oh. Wait. We already did it! The three books of mini-adventures are called High Magic & Low Cunning, The Crown Commands, and Fire & Faith. They’re designed by Cal Moore, with me handling development.

It turns out we made a mistake calling the series of books “Battle Scenes.” Yes, there are battles in these adventures. Most adventures focus on a series of potential conflicts. But there are also suggestions for other paths, reskinning advice to help you fit each adventure into your campaign, and all the types of icon-related details you expect in a published 13th Age adventure.

Cat and Simon and others who spend time behind Pelgrane booths at conventions noticed the problem first. GMs who are interested in buying books of mini-adventures sometimes skip right past the three Battle Scenes books because they want more for their game than battle scenes.

Hooray for GMs who want to tell worthwhile stories! Boo for us choosing the wrong name.

If you haven’t tried these mini-adventures in your game, the whole bundle is described in more detail and available here.

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  1. As a 13th Age's GM (and a lazy-busy one), I think that after the Core Rulebook, this is the most valuable asset for the game. To be true, with the SRD, they could be even more valuable. I trully recommend it.