Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dwarven Delve

Half of my Wednesday night 13th Age gaming table is running a Kickstarter for their company’s new Dwarven Delve game for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

It’s an underground exploration and combat archeology action game. The dungeon layout is a bit like the mechanics of the Pipe Dream game, you reconfigure the dungeon on the fly, opening up new passages to fat loot and monsters you want to fight *right now* while trying to reroute the real-time charges of monsters you don’t want to have to tangle with. Along the way you develop the abilities of your six dwarven adventurers and dip into a forgotten history that touches on the archetypal tragedy of the dwarves: always digging just a bit too deep for their own good.

Given that the core of the Tinkerhouse team is in my gaming group, I might end up helping with the game if they do really well with the Kickstarter, but my potential self-interest is a lot smaller than my hope for my friends.

In case you’re wondering, the half of our 13th Age table involved in Tinkerhouse is…
… the elf monk who shapes wood and has now turned out to be directly descended from the bloodline of the original Elf King’s royal architects
… the dwarf bard who reads the unique thrum of objects he drums upon and is now learning the battle hymns of an alternate world in which dwarves rule the Empire
… the elf rogue who knows that the Prince of Shadows is not who he claims to be and has now, probably not coincidentally, been taken over by his own shadow, not that the other PCs knew that until this moment

They do good play and they do good work. 


  1. Considering how I utilize collaborative mapping, this actually gives me an idea for a living dungeon... I've *GOT* to try this idea out with my group some time in the near future :D

    1. Using configurable sections as a living dungeon is a great idea. I'll be curious to hear how you run it.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, you who taught me the phrase 'combat archeology,' thank you. So very useful.