Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Flame & Ice

We're extremely happy that 13th Age core books are now shipping to people who pre-ordered as part of the Escalation Edition, to other Pelgrane pre-orders, and to those of you who asked for the core book as part of your 13 True Ways Kickstarter rewards. For people who didn't pre-order, the game should be in stores the first week of August. I believe the official street date is August 5th.

FLAME:  Here's a look at the t-shirt design that's exclusively for 13 True Ways backers who signed on for the shirt. We promised that it would be exclusive when we did the Kickstarter, so much as I'd like the shirt to be a more-distributed thing now that I can see how cool it is, it's not.

The slogan, in case it's not entirely clear, speaks in the voice of the Great Gold Wyrm, holding the barricades against the Abyss: I am the Shield, you are the Sword, we are the Flame. They shall not pass. 

The mix of art and t-shirt color is the full design, we're not doing other colors for this one. And in case you were wondering where the logo was hiding.....

ICE: Our friends at Sasquatch Game Studio are producing a sword and sorcery d20-mechanic sourcebook where the defenders are more like Conan and the ultimate villains are more like Cthulhu. I'm curious to see what Primeval Thule ends up doing with icons in a world touched by Lovecraft, Merritt, and Clark Ashton-Smith, since a 13th Age-compatible version is part of the Sasquatch plan. They have 7 days left on their Kickstarter, check them out here

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