Saturday, January 26, 2013

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This week the 13th Age campaign I'm running that's testing aspects of Shards of the Broken Sky hit its stride by starting to tell its own unique story. The icons are not all who they seem and the PCs are descended from a former icon whose history and existence has been suppressed for centuries. Pitting the group firmly against an icon they had ambiguous relations with at the start of the campaign has kicked our group into gear. That and getting all the players back, some of us had been too busy to play much, but the picture below is the whole group (minus Jonathan), miming extreme excitement about a single d20 roll. Followed by a more accurate candid shot of the moments following when we all went back to teasing Mike over the result of that d20 roll. (And yes, I'm avoiding naming icons because I'd rather not spoil one angle on Shards of the Broken Sky too much...)

This was also the week when two members of the group reported their first experiments with teaching D&D to the next generation.  Paul's son Silas, 5.5 years, created a wizard. When Paul told him that most D&D characters were part of a group of allies, Silas overcame his disappointment by saying that his friends were ten rangers. Who ride on the backs of ten werewolves. "That makes twenty," says Silas, well on the way to expressing his father's blend of minimaxed storytelling.

Meanwhile Rob D began to pass on the legacy to his boys. In his words,
this past weekend i reffed a marathon d&d meets gamma world session with my boys. aidan beheaded a rampaging ice golem, but the head could not be destroyed — just smashed into smaller and smaller pieces that kept coming. (gave roan a nightmare that night… bad DM/father).

I think it's more like....

Bad father.

"T-shirt!" says Paul.

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  1. Very interesting post. I can't wait to see how Shards of the Broken Sky turns out!

    My own 13th Age Campaign is poised to start now that we completed character creation. Players include my own 15 year old son, along with some other kids from 9-15 and parents and other grown up friends. I may be crazy, but I have nine players. Fortunately, everyone is really imaginative and even the nine year old can be pretty patient, so I think we'll make it.

    I'll be posting stuff on my blog and trying to share it by tweeting to @13thAge.

    I'm loosely adapting an old Dragon Magazine module for the first run. We're all busy, so our first play session isn't until late next month, but I think we are all going to be big fans of 13th Age.

    I'm just going to have to allow some people to adjust their backgrounds with the new 8-point standard (the folks who had more I think will get grandfathered in, because the backgrounds people came up with were pretty awesome).

    Thanks to you and your compatriots for making this game. It's came at just the right time to bring me back to being a DM at the table to share with friends and pass on to a new generation along with them.

    Thank you.