Friday, March 16, 2012


Jonathan Tweet and I became friends through Lee Gold’s Alarums & Excursions fanzine. Actually we became friends when he started writing about what became Over the Edge and I sent him a postcard picturing Dutch bicycles and gushing about a book I deemed relevant: Another Day of Life, Ryszard Kapuscinki’s account of the civil war in Angola. Jonathan’s subsequent letter (yes, this was pre-email) replied that he also liked the book but that Al Amarja was full of people and had almost no guns while Angola had almost no people and was full of guns. Otherwise, thanks for writing.

And with that we became friends and have worked with or around each other as often as not over the years. I played in Jonathan’s original 3e campaign. He played in my original 4e campaign.

And now we’ve got a roleplaying game design that Jonathan and I have been working on together called 13th Age. Pelgrane Press is publishing it and running the playtest. There’s obviously more to say but the full announcement of the game will come later, there are plans afoot in that regard and I won’t be traipsing over them by saying more.

If you’d like to learn more now, you could go over to the Pelgrane web site and ask to be included in the playtest.

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